FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! This page is dedicated to the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. But if you do not find what you are looking for, just contact me anytime; I am always pleased to help!


If I tell you that we are good, for instance, is not going to be fair. So: have a look on Tripadvisor, for instance.


Q: At what time is check-in?

A: Check-in time is 01:00 pm.

Q: What happens if we arrive before check-in time?

A: No problem, if the room is ready, then, if the room isn’t ready you can leave your bags in our storage area.

Q: At what time is the reception desk available during the day?

A: We are a B&B, therefore we don’t have a 24-hour reception desk. We usually cover the desk from 7.30 am to 8 pm, and also when we have guests coming and know their arrival time. Please note: there is a 20€ supplement for check-in after 8 pm, but you can avoid it if you book your arrival transfer with us here.

Q: What time is check out?

A: Check-out time is 10 am.

Q: If we check out earlier in the morning, say before 7.30 am, will someone be at the reception desk?

A: Please let us know, the day before, at what time you are leaving. So that we can help you check out and arrange a taxi for the next morning. However, if you are leaving before 7.30 am you can leave your keys in the room.

Q: May we leave our bags with you on our departure date and come back later to pick them up?

A: Yes, of course. We will give you a different key to our storage room. You may also use the bathroom down the hallway. Please remember to leave the key at the reception desk when you leave.

Q: When do we settle our room bill?

A: The bill must be paid at check-in time.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We do. However, we also offer a discount for cash payments (please note that the discount in case of cash payment can be applied only for the reservations made directly with us and not for the reservations made through external channels like “Booking.com”, Expedia.com”, Hotels.com” etc…


Q: How often do you change towels?

A: We change them at every turnover of the room, and every other night for extended stays.

Q: Do you clean the rooms every day?

A: Yes, we do it between 9.30 am and 1 pm, or more, if necessary.

Q: Do you provide an iron and ironing board?

A: Yes.


Q: Do we need to book a taxi in advance?

A: You can not book a taxi the day before, but we will call the company when it is needed so that it will arrive in 5 minutes. You may also use the telephone at the reception desk for this purpose.

Q: Do you organize transfers?

A: Yes we do, please see the Transfer Service Page. We will need all of your flight/cruise/train details to complete the arrangements.

Q: How much does a taxi cost from the main (Termini) railway station?

A: It costs between 12€/20€.

Q: How much does it cost a taxi from/to the city center?

A: It costs between 8€/15€.

Q: How much does bus transportation cost?

A: The basic ticket for the bus, metro, or tram costs 1.50€. The ticket is valid for 100 minutes after it is stamped. It must be purchased before boarding public transportation; you can get them in any tobacco shop, newspaper shop, or metro/bus/tram station.

Q: Is there a bus station nearby?

A: You can walk to a bus station in 2 minutes from our B&B.

Q: Is the subway/underground station close by?

A: We call your subway/underground “METRO”. And yes, the metro station is 300 meters away.

Q: How far is the central train station (Termini)?

A: It is 2,5 kilometers away; 20 minutes by taxi, approximately 15 minutes by Metro.

Q: Do we need to buy train tickets in advance?

A: Normally you don’t. You can purchase tickets at the train station on the date of departure. It is easy to buy tickets at the train station, which has many automatic machines in many languages. You can use credit or debit cards to purchase tickets. During high seasons you may want to purchase tickets in advance.


Q: Can we print our travel documents?

A: Yes, of course. Just send us an email with the attachment and you will find your documents at the reception desk.

Q: Is Internet included in the room rate?

A: Yes it is. The service is wireless and the password is available in the room.

Q: Do you have a laptop we can use at times during the stay?

A: Yes we have a laptop available that is shared by all of our guests. Remember to log off once you are done, to protect your privacy.

Q: Do you provide adaptors?

A: Yes we have some adaptors to lend during your stay, if available!

Q: Do you provide converters?

A: No, we do not. If you use a curling iron or similar machines you will have to bring your own converter. In most cases, computers and mobile phones don’t need converters, only adaptors. Feel free to enquire at the reception if in doubt.


Q: Is there an ATM nearby?

A: There is one. Walking distance, just 3 minutes away.

Q: Is there a supermarket close by?

A: You can easily walk to the grocery store. just 1 minute away.

Q: is there a laundry close by?

A: Yes, there is a laundry service, it is just a 5 minutes walk.

Q: Are there good restaurants close by?

A: There are many restaurants close to our B&B. We will show them to you on a map of the area.

Q: How does tipping work in Italy?

A: We do suggest leaving tips only when they are deserved by particularly good service. You can leave approx 3-5 % of the bill, for instance.

Q: is there a dress code at the restaurants suggested?

A: We do not usually recommend restaurants that have a dress code.